Friday, 16 December 2011

About me

Hello. I’m Rachael and I live in Tulse Hill in south London, not too far from Brixton and foodie treasure trove Brixton Village. By far the best thing about Tulse Hill – apart from my recent discovery that you can order a suckling pig from the Portuguese cafe (not that I'll be hauling one home any time soon but nice to know you can) – is that it’s near Brockwell Park, which has brilliant views over London, lots of space and a lovely lido.

Last summer, I left my job of seven years editing a charity magazine with one purpose in mind, to go to Spain. This picture is of me in a San Sebastian pintxo bar (pronounced pincho, Basque for tapas) under the jamóns. A friend pointed out I look a bit crazy and it might put people off the blog, however, I prefer to see it as the sherry shining through. Plus, it's one of the very few pics of me without my double chin, and who wants a big fat chin taking the shine off things? I'd sooner have a crazy face any day.

Beyond the trip to Spain there was no fixed plan. I just knew it had to involve food and writing.
Now, I’m a freelance writer. My love of food began during a fun-packed year in Lyon when I was 21 and everything in life was wonderful, but for the beginning of the dreaded cellulite.

About the blog   
This blog will be all about celebrating food and will mainly focus on two things.

One is Parson's Green farmers' market. Since managing the market on Sundays I've become even more excited about food. I come away with bags full of delicious seasonal stuff, get it all out at home to admire again and then ponder what to do with it.

I'll be including recipes from traders, shoppers and any others I come across that make the most of seasonal ingredients. They'll all be tried, tested and attributed. For me, the best dishes are easy to make, delicious and memorable so you'll want to eat them again and again.

The other main part of the blog will be Recommendations, where I'll be building up a store of tips for good places to eat, among other things. 

Just a little word about the name of the blog. I wanted something that reflects what I most enjoy about food, and it is these three things:  
  • Getting my feet under the table in anticipation of a great meal – nothing makes me happier.
  • Living for good food, discovering it, travelling for it, making it and eating it.
  • Meeting people who are excited about good food as I am.
All of which, really, are definitely worth toasting.